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Company Profile

Founded in 2000, Zhongshan Good Life Sun Sheet Co., Ltd. is a foreign-owned  enterprise, which specialize in manufacturing Polycarbonate sheet (PC sheet).

Our Advantage:  We introduce complete modern equipment and technology from OMIPA in Italy. Now we own 6 most up-to-date    Co-extrusion lines:3 lines for Hollow sheet, 2 lines for Solid sheet, and 1 line for Corrugated sheet. Annual output can be 18,000 tons. With the advantage of using Makrolon PC resin from Bayer in Germany and Lexan PC resin from Sabic, our products are certificated high quality.              

Our Products:  We provide large range of Polycarbonate sheet, such as Polycarbonate Twin-wall sheet, Triple-wall sheet, Four-wall sheet, X-profile sheet, Frosted sheet, Solid sheet, Abrasive sheet, Embossed sheet, Corrugated sheet, and other function products like IR sheet, Diffusion sheet, Anti-fog sheet, Sky-Lighting cover, Anti-riot shield & Hard-coated sheet (Anti-scratch sheet), etc.

Our Certificate:  We have  got  ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015  certificate, and got ASTM certificate from USA, Building material approval certificate from Russia & ROHS certificate from SGS, etc. Further more, We also have been awarded     the following certificates: "Guangdong famous trademark", "High-Tech Enterprises", "The Exported Brand-Name products in Guangdong", "National Double-Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprises", "China Top Enterprises", "China Credit Example Certificate" and "A-Class taxpayers title". Then again, we even were approved "China Well-Known Trademark" by Trademark     Office of The State Administration For Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China in December 2012, we GOODLIFE    is the only one company who win this honor in PC sheet industry in China.

Application:  Owing to its excellent character, Polycarbonate sheets are widely used in public and civil construction project, such as Building roof, Rain tents, Hallway tents, Exit roofs, Express way sound absorption screen, Partition wall, Green house, Sign board, Anti-riot shield,bullet-proof glass,led-lighting panel and Electrical parts, etc. It's recommended as the best roof material in modern construction decoration field.

We will keep the pace on improving the quality and service. Our main target: To satisfy the different requirement of our customers. Our staff teams are always trying to do the best.

Our Company History

Equipment Introduction:

2000     we founded Zhongshan Good Life Sun Sheet Co., Ltd.

2001     we introduced the first OMIPA UV-PC coextrusion line from Italy, this equipment is for Hollow sheet production.

2002     we introduced the second OMIPA UV-PC coextrusion line from Italy, this equipment is for Hollow sheet production.

2004     we introduced the third OMIPA UV-PC coextrusion line  from Italy, this equipment is for Solid sheet and Embossed sheet.

2006     we introduced the forth  UV-PC coextrusion line from Italy, this equipment is for 1.22m width of Hollow sheet.

2008     we introduced the fifth  UV-PC coextrusion line from  Italy, this equipment is for less 1.56m width of PC Solid sheet.

2011     we introduced the sixth UV-PC coextrusion line from UK, this equipment is for Corrugated sheet.

Product development:

2001     we develop and produce Polycarbonate Twin-wall sheet & Triple-wall sheet.

2002     we develop and produce Polycarbonate Frosted sheet.

2003     we develop and produce Polycarbonate X-profile sheet.

2003     we develop and produce Polycarbonate Anti-fog sheet.

2004     we develop and produce Polycarbonate Solid sheet.

2004     we develop and produce Polycarbonate Diamond shape Embossed sheet.

2005     we develop and produce Polycarbonate Diffusion sheet.

2006     we develop and produce Polycarbonate Raindrop Embossed sheet.

2007     we develop and produce Polycarbonate H & U accessories.

2008     we develop and produce Polycarbonate IR sheet.

2010     we develop and produce Polycarbonate thin thickness Solid sheet.

2011     we develop and produce Polycarbonate Ladder-shaped Corrugated sheet.

2014     we develop and produce Polycarbonate wave-shaped Corrugated sheet.

Honors & Certificates:

2001     we got SGS ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

2004     we got "High-Tech Enterprises" Honor

2006     we got ASTM certificate from USA.

2006     we got Building material approval certificate from Russia.

2007     we got "National Double-Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprises" certificate

2007     we got "High-Tech Enterprises" Honor .

2007     we got  "China Top Enterprises" certificate

2008     we got Building material approval certificate from Russia again.

2008     we got "Guangdong famous trademark",

2008     we got   "China Credit Example Certificate"

2008     we got  SGS Rohs certificate.

2009     we got  "The Exported Brand-Name products in Guangdong" honor.

2009     we got “ High-Tech products” honor.

2009     we got SGS ISO14001:2004 system certificate.

2012     we got SGS RoHS certificate again.

2012     we got “ High-Tech products” honor.

2012     we got SGS ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certificate .

2012    we got  "China Well-Known Trademark" honor, we GOODLIFE is the only one company who win this honor in PC sheet

           industry in China.